Janet Jackson
April 10, 2004

(COLD OPENING) Dick Cheney prepares Condoleezza Rice


-- Darrell as Cheney.

-- Janet's Condoleezza Rice smile and facial expressions.

-- This was a great and clever way to work in the inevitable wardrobe malfunction parody.



-- None.


Grade: A-




(MONOLOGUE) Janet Jackson's home movies


-- The three siblings that Janet forgot about.



-- The home video wasn't that funny and they already made fun of the wardrobe malfunction in the cold opening.


Grade: C




(SKETCH) "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet"


-- Tracy's comment about the squirrel being afraid to fly after 9/11.

-- Forte's "I don't know how to respond to that" reply to Tracy talking about the dog barking in German.



-- Ugh. I knew they'd do this when I heard Tracy was making a cameo. At least the last one with Al Sharpton was funnier than usual and changed the format a little bit. This one was just the usual formulaic stuff.


Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- Did Tracy kiss Forte at the end? It looked like he did right before the camera faded out.


Grade: D




(SKETCH) Starkisha and friends at the ticket line


-- Kenan saying he's afraid of people like Starkisha.



-- The rest was the usual bad Starkisha stuff.


Grade: D




(NEXT LIVE SHOW) May 1, 2004: Lindsay Lohan




(MISCELLANEOUS) An Easter Treat from SNL


--Yes! I always loved the "Christmas Time is Here" songs and it's great to see it back one more time.

-- The Simon Cowell inclusion added a new touch and made this even funnier.



-- None.


Grade: A+





-- No comment.




(WEEKEND UPDATE) Fallon & Fey, Condoleezza Rice, Kevin Eubanks


-- Jimmy's circus car joke.

-- Tina's Times Square joke.

-- Jimmy's Woody Allen joke.

-- Tina's James Lipton joke.

-- Jimmy's Alabama joke.

-- Tina's Jewel joke.



-- Tina's second Bush joke.

-- Jimmy's Howard Dean joke.

-- The Condoleezza Rice segment was pretty weak and it was weird seeing two different people play Condeleezza tonight. They should've at least made a joke about that here. Janet's impression was funnier, anyway.

-- The Kevin Eubanks bit had no point and fell completely flat.

-- The 007 bit at the end.


Grade: B-




(SKETCH) "Prince Show"


-- Good to see this back again.

-- Fred's Prince impression.

-- Janet's Paula Abdul impression.

-- Fred's crying.



-- None.


Grade: B




(SKETCH) The Cork Soakers


-- A lot of the uses of the innuendo.

-- Parnell as the gay tourist.

-- Rachel as the old lady.



-- Not quite up to Schwetty Balls and Colonel Angus levels of hilarity.


Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- At first, I thought this was going to be the Wine Critic sketch from the Jack Black episode again and I think they even reused the same set.


Grade: B+





-- No comment.




(SKETCH) "Good Times"


-- I used to watch this show all the time and this was a dead-on parody. Most of the impressions were great (except for Tracy as Bookman; they could've at least padded him up), especially Kenan as Florida.



-- None.


Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- I swear, J.B. Smoove appears on the show almost as much as Finesse and Kenan. Why don't they just add him to the cast already? From what I've seen of his work and his appearances on SNL, he seems pretty funny.


Grade: A-




(SKETCH) Boom Boomer


-- None.



-- And the joke here was...? Parnell going crazy at the end was kinda funny at first, but it led to nothing and the sketch just ended. This almost seemed like a real-life PSA on how drugs mess you up.


Grade: F




Overall Episode Grade: B-


Overall Highlights:

-- Dick Cheney prepares Condoleezza Rice.

-- An Easter Treat from SNL.

-- Fred's Prince impression.

-- The Cork Soakers.

-- Good Times.


Overall Lowlights:

-- Brian Fellow's Safari Planet.

-- Starkisha and friends at the ticket line.

-- Condeleezza Rice and Kevin Eubanks on Weekend Update.

-- Boom Boomer.


Best Lines:

-- Simon Cowell: "I would rather let William Hung lick honey off my nipple than listen to you lot for another second."

Tracy Morgan: "I'm gonna kick this dude's ass!"


-- Tracy Morgan: (to Simon) "You gotta get some color in your wardrobe. Those black t-shirts are bringing you down."


-- Tina Fey: "This Wednesday marked the 100th anniversary of New York's Times Square. To celebrate, a bunch of tourists got in everyone's way."


-- Tina Fey: "Jennifer Lopez will be interviewed by James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio. Even for James Lipton, that's gonna be a lot of ass to kiss."


-- Jimmy Fallon: "On Tuesday, the Alabama senate voted to make whiskey the official state spirit. This replaces Alabama's old official state spirit -- racism."


-- Janet Jackson as tourist: "Does your wife like soaking corks?"

Jimmy Fallon as Marcello: "She used to when we were dating. Now, not so much."


-- Janet Jackson as Penny: "We didn't have school today. They ran out of books, and my teacher got stabbed."



DRATCH: 3 sketches (1: Starkisha and friends at the ticket line; 2: The Cork Soakers; 3: Boom Boomer)


FALLON: 3 sketches (1: An Easter Treat from SNL; 2: Weekend Update; 3: The Cork Soakers)


FEY: 1 sketch (1: Weekend Update)


FORTE: 1 sketch (1: Brian Fellow's Safari Planet)


HAMMOND: 2 sketches (1: Dick Cheney prepares Condoleezza Rice; 2: The Cork Soakers)


MEYERS: 2 sketches (1: The Cork Soakers; 2: Boom Boomer)


PARNELL: 4 sketches (1: Starkisha and friends at the ticket line; 2: The Cork Soakers; 3: Good Times; 4: Boom Boomer)


POEHLER: 2 sketches (1: Starkisha and friends at the ticket line; 2: Boom Boomer)


RUDOLPH: 5 sketches (1: Starkisha and friends at the ticket line; 2: Weekend Update; 3: Prince Show; 4: The Cork Soakers; 5: Good Times)


SANZ: 2 sketches (1: An Easter Treat from SNL; 2: The Cork Soakers)


ARMISEN: 3 sketches (1: Starkisha and friends at the ticket line; 2: Prince Show; 3: The Cork Soakers)


MITCHELL: 4 sketches (1: Starkisha and friends at the ticket line; 2: Weekend Update; 3: Good Times; 4: Boom Boomer)


THOMPSON: 3 sketches (1: Starkisha and friends at the ticket line; 2: Prince Show; 3: Good Times)


Maya was the star of the night.