Kirsten Dunst / Eminem
May 11, 2002

Kirsten Dunst will be hosting, and I'm looking forward to this since I enjoy Kirsten Dunst as an actress, she is easy on the eyes, and I finally get more than 1 friggin' correct point in the Guess the Hosts contest!

Also, it has recently been confirmed that this will be Will Ferrell's last season, and the season finale will be his last show. It's hard to believe. I know it had to happen sooner or later, but it's still very sad to hear. He's my favorite cast member of all time, and a very popular and well-loved cast member with SNL fans in general. He's very funny and talented and could play any role, and he did an excellent job of holding the show together for so many years. The show will feel weird with him gone from the cast forever, but I don't think SNL will completely crash and burn like many others are predicting. I know he's decided to leave because it's what's best for him, and he will most likely have a very good movie career, he's been in a lot of movies when still in the cast and has some new ones coming out later this year.


(11:30) COLD OPENING: President Bush's Daily Briefing
- Finally, a non-solo Bush opening. Ferrell's Bush impression is at his best when he interacts with other people, instead of just doing those tired "And now, a message from the President" openings.
- The segue to "LFNY" was kinda lame, and I was hoping Maya Rudolph would get to say the opening line, but since this is one of Will's last shows, I won't complain about him always saying the line.
- This may be the last time we ever see Ferrell's Bush impression. After he leaves, I wonder who will do the impression.




(11:37) MONOLOGUE: Kirsten Dunst
- An alright monologue. Horatio was pretty funny, and it was good to see him in the monologue and getting some attention as himself.


(11:41) COMMERCIAL: Clear Results Pregnancy Test
- Wow, I can't believe they're showing a new commercial this late in the season.
- Another great way to write Ana's pregnancy into a sketch.
- This has got to be one of the best SNL seasons ever for commercials. Just about all of them were good, there were a lot of classics like this one, Law and Order, Herbal Essences, LooseBear, and Classic Kotex Pads. And there wasn't an overabundance of repeats like last season had.


(11:44) SKETCH: Last Call with Carson Daly
- Good to see Jimmy's Carson Daly impression again. That "Massive tool" line is always funny.
- Kirsten was good here.


(11:50) TV FUNHOUSE: Bambi 2002
- Everytime Smigel makes a cartoon that makes fun of Disney, it always turns out to be classic. This one goes right up there with the classic Ray of Light and Titey. And it's good to see Smigel out of the slump he was in lately, since this was the first funny TV Funhouse since a long time.
- Nice to see David Spade had a part in this cartoon.


(11:52) SKETCH/COMMERCIAL: Demilon
- A funny short and simple ad.


NEXT WEEK: Season Finale with Winona Ryder / Moby
What a bad hosting choice to close out the season with


(11:57) SKETCH: Obnoxious background actors
- Parnell always plays a good director (Improvised Bible Series sketch, Tough as Nails).
- This was a very good sketch, and Will, Amy, and Kirsten were hilarious as the background actors. I love wacky little sketches like these.


When they showed Eminem's bumper picture before the next sketch came on, I thought that meant they might bring him out for the Jarret's Room sketch, which would've been pretty funny to see what he would do, but he was nowhere to be found.


(12:04) SKETCH: Jarret's Room
- Horatio's entrance wasn't as funny as usual. It seemed to be a cheap rip-off of his entrance in the Hugh Jackman one.
- A very weak Jarret's Room sketch. It's official ­ whenever they do a JR sketch with a female host, it's bad. I begun to really like Jarret's Room when they did it earlier in the season, but those were with male hosts (Seann William Scott, and the all-time best JR so far with Hugh Jackman). Then it went back to mediocrity with Britney Spears and now Kirsten Dunst. For some reason, all the JR sketches with female hosts aren't as good, and this was probably the worst JR yet.
- Why wasn't Jeff's character in here??? He's usually always in these since he joined the cast earlier this season, and he's always funny in these sketches. No wonder this Jarret's Room sucked.


(12:13) MUSICAL GUEST: Eminem


(12:21) WEEKEND UPDATE: JIM Fallon and TIN Fey
- Good jokes as usual.
- Jimmy's returning to his gelled, spiky haircut that he had last season.
- I didn't really see the point of the Hilton Sisters bit, but it just gave me the chance to say this once againMaya looked sexy in that outfit.  Hmm, mmm..
- Oh man, Chris Parnell's bit was absolutely great. He's hardly been on Update as it is, and it was great to see him do another rap song again. Some people may say that it was just ripping off the first song he did, but I think this one was just as good. Plus, Kirsten's part at the end made it even better.
- Jimmy really needs to learn how to catch that pencil.


(12:33) SKETCH: Kournikova vs. Penthouse
- Kirsten did a good Anna Kournikova.
- The "Laugh-In" type zoom-ins and partying were hilarious. Another one of those cute, wacky little sketches I have a liking for.
- Will Ferrell looked so funny in this.
- Darrell's part at the end seemed kinda thrown in.


(12:43) SKETCH: Wake Up Wakefield
- NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!
- Well, it's good that they took the characters out of their usual setting, but I still don't like the concept. Too bad Horatio's character wasn't here to save this.
- Good to see Tina back in a sketch again.
- Second sketch of the night where Jimmy and Kirsten make out with each other.


(12:52) SKETCH: The DeMarco Bros. and cousin
- The return of the DeMarco Bros. I don't mind these characters that much.
- Dean's usual 1 brief apperance of the night, but at least this was a funny one.
- I knew Eminem was going to be in a sketch tonight.
- Kirsten was a good addition to the DeMarco's.
- Coincidentally, every 2nd to last show for the last 3 seasons have had a DeMarco Bros. sketch in it. For this season, it was this show, last season was the Lara Flynn Boyle episode, and the year before that was the Britney Spears episode.


(12:58) MISCELLANEOUS: My Big Thick blah, blah, blah
- Only one more episode to put up with this


I think this is the first time all season where the host didn't write a signature on the ending bumper picture. It was nice to see her and Eminem in the same bumper picture. Speaking of which, I'm surprised Eminem only got one song tonight, but he made up for it with his appearance in the DeMarco's sketch.




CONCLUSION: Kirsten Dunst was a really good host and got very involved in the show, one of the best female hosts of the season so far. We haven't really had a bad host since all the way back to Josh Hartnett (yes, I'm including Jonny Moseley as a good host, he wasn't as bad as everyone else said). Unfortunately, that'll probably change next week.



RACHEL DRATCH: 3 segments (Bush's Briefing, Demilon, Wake Up Wakefield)
JIMMY FALLON: 4 segments (Last Call with Carson Daly, Jarret's Room, Weekend Update, Wake Up Wakefield)
WILL FERRELL: 4 segments (Bush's Briefing, Demilon, Background actors, Kournikova vs. Penthouse)
TINA FEY: 2 segments (Weekend Update, Wake Up Wakefield)
ANA GASTEYER: 4 segments (Clear Results Pregnancy Test, Demilon, Kournikova vs. Penthouse, Wake Up Wakefield)
DARRELL HAMMOND: 2 segments (Bush's Briefing, Kournikova vs. Penthouse)
CHRIS KATTAN: 4 segments (Background actors, Weekend Update, Kournikova vs. Penthouse, the DeMarco Bros.)
TRACY MORGAN: 0 segments
CHRIS PARNELL: 5 segments (Clear Results Pregnancy Test, Background actors, Weekend Update, Kournikova vs. Penthouse, the DeMarco Bros.)
AMY POEHLER: 4 segments (TV Funhouse, Background actors, Jarret's Room, Wake Up Wakefield)
MAYA RUDOLPH: 4 segments (Bush's Briefing, Background actors, Weekend Update, Wake Up Wakefield)
HORATIO SANZ: 2 segments (Monologue, Jarret's Room)
DEAN EDWARDS: 1 segment (the DeMarco Bros.)
SETH MEYERS: 3 segments (Background actors, Jarret's Room, Kournikova vs. Penthouse)
JEFF RICHARDS: 0 segments

Wow, Jeff Richards and Tracy Morgan were both absent all night. For Tracy, it's not that big of a surprise, but I thought that since Jeff wasn't in the JR sketch, maybe he just wasn't at the studio that night, but I saw him during the goodnights. I'm starting to lose hope again in them letting him stay on next season. Chris Parnell led the night with 5 appearances, and he had a lot of bigger roles, which was great.


BEST SKETCH OF THE EPISODE: Kournikova vs. Penthouse; Obnoxious background actors
WORST SKETCH OF THE EPISODE: Jarret's Room; Wake Up Wakefield
MOST BIZARRE SKETCH: Kournikova vs. Penthouse
BLOOPERS: Eminem's bumper picture was shown at the wrong time; Jimmy cracked up during Jarret's Room as usual
WHAT WILL PROBABLY BE CUT ON COMEDY CENTRAL: Kournikova vs. Penthouse; My Big Thick Novel; Wake Up Wakefield; Demilon

Next week will be the season finale, and then that's it for SNL 27. Well, until then, I'm outta heah...