Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

Overview: You all should know that I'm one of the few
posters here that love Tom Green. That crazy guy
cracks me up and he's always good for laughs. However,
his comedy is too off the wall for SNL and I don't
know if this show will be good or not. The writers
probably aren't gonna know what to do with him. But as
long as Tom is his usual wild self, I predict this
episode will be the standout episode of the season,
whether it's good or bad. I have a feeling Tom will do
something outrageous on SNL that'll leave his mark on
the show. This'll be interesting. Just seeing Tom is
good enough for me. Oh, yeah, and the musical guest is
David Gray. All I have to say is that it's interesting
how both the host and musical guest's last names are

COLD OPENING: Decision 2000 ­ Battle For the White
-At first, I thought this was gonna be the same cold
opening from last week's episode since they both
opened the same way. As a matter of fact, both cold
openings were almost entirely the same thing.
- This almost turned out to be something similar to
the Tom Brokaw Pre-Tapes sketch they did when Dana
Carvey hosted in 96.
- Ferrell's George W. is always funny, even though
it's kind of "in-acu-rit".
- I liked the "note" that George W. pulled out.
- Move over Clinton. Darrell's got a new impression.
The audience is starting to like Darrell's Gore as
much as his Clinton. I don't like it that much. I
think Clinton's more exciting. Gore is boring, but
Darrell's got the impression down pat.
- Gore and Bush singing "I got you baby" reminded me
of the sketch they did in the Joan Allen episode where
Chris Parnell as Newt Gingrich and Darrell as Clinton
both sang together.
- The song was a nice touch.
- The first time all season where Darrell Hammond said
"Live From New York". Just taking notes.
- These Gore/Bush cold openings are always funny.
Rating: *****

- Did Tom know those people he was cuddling up to in
the audience?
- Kinda strange that last week, Rachel Dratch did an
impression of Drew Barrymore, then the next show, the
real Drew Barrymore shows up.
- This monologue was really nice. Just.nice. I
already heard rumors they were gonna get married on
the show, but this was still a nice surprise.
- Tom's mom is kinda quiet. She didn't say one word at
Rating: *****

COMMERCIAL: Magic Mouth:
- Okay, didn't this commercial just come on 3 episodes
ago? C'mon, SNL, you seriously can't be running out of
ideas that fast!
- It's always the gross, obscene commercial that's
replayed over and over again (last season, it was
Litter Critters, in 98-99 it was "Oops I Crapped My
Pants", 97-98 it was "Ass-Jet").
- Well, I never got a chance to rate this the first
time it came on. Anyway, whenever SNL resorts to
bathroom humor, you know they've run out of good
ideas. It's even more obvious they've run out of good
ideas when they replay the same damn commercial all
over again!
Rating: ** (I originally gave this commercial a higher
grade, but seeing this again so soon just made the
rating go down)

SKETCH: Bald Eagles Interact with Audience
- Just seeing Tom and Will in eagle costumes was
hilarious, but then it got stupid after a while and I
was wondering where this was going until Tom climbed
into the audience. Then it got funny again.
- Will's eagle costume started to come loose after he
and Tom were bumping their stomachs into each other.
- This was interesting, but obviously an excuse to
amuse the studio audience members. It was absolutely
pointless, but still funny. Tom and Will were
Rating: ****

SKETCH: Rap Street:
- Oh, great, so now Kid Shazaam and Grandmaster Rap
are recurring characters? I should've seen this
coming. At least Jerry Minor has a recurring
- These characters aren't so bad. I hope they don't
get as annoying as hearing "Simma down na!" or "I'm
50!!" over and over again.
- Is Ezekiel Jenkins a real person?
- Tom Green was hilarious as the "Good Boy". Maya
Rudolph didn't fit in this sketch.
- "Ottawa, Canada"? Was Tom making a reference to
himself? What was the point?
Rating: ***1/2

SKETCH: Lorne and Tom in a Tub
- If a sketch is pointless and silly, I don't care
just as long as it's funny. This is an exception. It
was pointless but not funny. Tom got irritating after
the first second. And this is a dedicated Tom Green
fan saying this.
- How did Tom get undressed so fast? He only had about
10 seconds.
- Always good to see Lorne in a sketch. He's always
doing something silly, like sipping from a juice box.
- This was terrible and pointless.
Rating: *

NEXT WEEK: In the next two weeks, SNL's showing
repeats, then the next live episode will be hosted by
Val Kilmer and musical guest U2. I don't care for Val
Kilmer and I don't care for the musical guest, so I'm
not looking forward to this very much.

SKETECH: Decision 2000:
- I don't know who Darrell was impersonating, but I'm
sure it was a good impression. It was really funny,
- I didn't really see the point of this since I don't
know who was being spoofed, but the impressions were
funny enough for me.
Rating: ****

CARTOON: Sex and the Country:
- I thought they were gonna do an Ambiguously Gay Duo
cartoon since Sean's website said so in the sketch
spoilers and in the opening montage, it had a picture
of Ace and Gary when Pardo announced the cartoon by
Robert Smigel. Instead, we got this, a Sex in the City
spoof. I read at Sean's website that they showed this
in the season premiere dress rehearsal.
- This was stupid and perverted just like all of
Smigel's cartoons. I wish he'd leave already.
Rating: *

SKETCH: Dog Show:
- This is my first time reviewing a Dog Show sketch
and just let me say that I can't believe how stupid
these sketches are. They're brainless, childish, and
dumb. This looks like some crap they got from the "All
That" show from Nickelodeon.
- Molly doing the out-of-character Mary Katherine
Gallagher move just proves that all her characters are
all alike. She's getting on my nerves.
- When Molly told Will's character that he's gay, she
spoke in her regular voice instead of her Miss Colleen
voice. She can never stay in character. At least she
didn't laugh like she does in every other sketch.
- The "Maybe I am, and Maybe I am" joke is beyond old
right now, and so is this sketch. Why'd they make this
recurring anyway?
- There's one good thing about this sketch, and that's
that the dogs are so cute. Rocky Balboa is always so
jittery and shaky. Where do they get those dogs? They
must belong to a crew or cast member.
- Tom Green's character saved this sketch, and so did
the pig, especially when it tried to get loose from
Tom's arm. They can never do this sketch without one
of the animals moving when they're not supposed to.
- How did Tom get his voice like that? Also, was that
squealing noise really coming from the pig?
- Oh, wait, Molly started laughing a bit when the pig
wouldn't stay still. Forget what I said before about
her not laughing during this sketch.
- Mr. Bojangles was terrified of the pig.
- This sketch is still dumb and will continue to be.
Rating: ** (Tom and the pig saved this sketch).

WEEKEND UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey:
- This is the neatest I've ever seen Tina's hair.
Fallon's hair looked messier than usual.
- Molly's bit was okay. At least she didn't play an
annoying Helen Madden-knock off, but please don't make
this "stand-up corner" thing recurring, or I'll be
forced to throw tomatoes or likenesses of tomatoes at
the stand-up comics.
- The Bush/Gore jokes were the best ones tonight.
- Jimmy's Hollywood Report was hilarious, and I
wondered where it was going until Gwyneth Paltrow
showed up. Her part was okay, but what was the point?
- Why is everybody flirting with Jimmy during WU all
of a sudden? First it was Rachel Dratch proposing to
Jimmy two weeks ago, then last week it was Charlie's
Angels kissing Jimmy and giving him pet names, and
this week, it's Gwyneth Paltrow. Wonder what's gonna
happen in the next WKUP.
- Tina and Jimmy said they would work on coming up
with a new closing tagline. Well, it's the 6th episode
this season, and they still have the same stolen
tagline. Well, Norm MacDonald always ended WKUP with
some tired "That's all for now, good night".
- Nothing special in tonight's WKUP except for
Gwyneth's cameo. Other than that, it was average.
Rating: ***1/2

Didn't watch

- Maya's impression of Orpah wasn't good at all. We've
finally found a worse Oprah impersonator than Tim
Meadows. At least Tim Meadows was funny at his
- When Tom and Ana walked on stage, they accidentally
blocked a part of the camera.
- Kinda weird for Tom to do a sketch where he's having
marriage troubles since this is the same night he's
getting married to Drew. You know Tom and Drew are
gonna end up like this in a couple of months. Marriage
is hell.
- Tom Green had to calm himself down a lot in this
sketch. I expected him to get up and tear down the
wall or something in a Chris Farley-esque manner, but
it never happened.
- Okay, where was the humor in this sketch? Other than
Will Ferrell's character, this wasn't funny and seemed
too much like the real show.
Rating: *

SKETCH: VH1 Storytellers:
- This sketch sucked. And I'm tired of Will and Chris
kissing. They already did that in the Zimmerman's
sketch from the Heather Graham episode and I think
they did it somewhere else before, too. It's just
sick, but you know Chris enjoyed it.
- They should've put Tom in this sketch and have him
interrupt Will and Chris' gay song and have Tom sing
the "bum-bum" song. That would be a lot funnier than
this gay crap.
Rating: *

- Tom goofed at the beginning, he was talking when he
didn't think the camera's were rolling then he said
"Oh, are we on the air?". It was like when Molly was
talking at that beginning of the Dog Show sketch from
last season when she thought the cameras weren't
rolling ("A little scary... oop!").
- Did anybody realize that Tom and Will were singing
off-beat during some verses?
- Did anybody see this lady in the audience that was
directed Tom when he knocked the clock over?
- Tom and Will are once again a good comedic pair and
this started out funny even though it had no point,
then the sketch suddenly got cut off for time before
it was even over, like the Buena Vista Social Club
sketch from 2 shows ago. I mean, after Tom smashed the
grandfather clock, he yelled "Stop the music!" then
the sketch suddenly ended. This sketch had no point at
all. That seemed to be a theme in tonight's episode.
Well, at least this was sort of funny
Rating: ***

- This live wedding, (or whatever you wanna call it)
will definitely go down as one of the most memorable
moments in SNL history. I knew Tom would do something
like this.
- I'm still waiting for the day when Will Ferrell is
gonna change his hair back to normal. Poor guy had to
wear a wig to look formal for the wedding, even though
he was playing himself.
- Who were some of those people at the wedding? Were
they relatives, friends, crew members?
- Glenn and Phil, those two guys from Tom's TV show,
were also at the wedding.
- This was a unique way to end the show. Also, they
almost ran the full credits, but it got off before the
end. I don't think we'll ever see the complete ending
credits at all this season.
Rating: ***** (for trying something different)

This show is definitely the standout episode of the
season, but overall, the episode just wasn't very
good. It started out great, then quickly went downhill
after the first 20 minutes. It wasn't Tom Green's
fault. The writers were just lazy. Even some sketches
without him sucked. Maybe cause it's been 3 live shows
in a row and the writers need a break. Smigel needs to
leave cause his ideas are getting more f*cked up as we
go along. As for Tom, other than the Oprah sketch, he
was his usual wacky self but he was working on some
bad material. I still luv ya, Tom (not in that way!).
But this has to be the weirdest SNL episode I've ever
seen. Definetely not the worst, but very weird.