Britney Spears
February 2, 2002

I wasn't too excited to hear Britney Spears was hosting again. I mean, she was alright when she hosted before, and I didn't but she wasn't all that special and I wouldn't bring her back over some other hosts from the past two seasons who really deserve to come back (Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Julianna Margulies, Sean Hayes, Calista Flockhart). Still, Britney was way better at hosting than Jennifer Lopez did last year. I still can't get over how bad that show was ­ Jennifer Lopez and the show itself was a disgrace that night.

(11:30) COLD OPENING: Winter Olympics - Women's Skiing
- Finally, the political openings streak is broken.
- Dan Aykroyd? What the? Is he ever going to actually host instead of making cameos, he's long overdue.
- This was pretty funny, how Ferrell and Dan kept pestering Amy's character.
- In the dress rehearsal promo, they showed a clip from this sketch, but it was Britney Spears in the place of Amy Poehler's character, and Chris Kattan was playing Dan Aykroyd's character.
- Alright! It was really cool and surprising to see Seth Meyers say "Live from New York" This is the first time a featured player said the opening line since Rachel Dratch sometime in the 1999-2000 season.




(11:35) MONOLOGUE: Britney Spears
- At first, I was wondering why "Britney" held her head down like that when she walked on stage, then I recognized her as Kattan. This was a really funny twist, and reminiscent to when Kattan dressed up as Ricky Martin during his musical performance last season.
- As soon as Justin Timberlake stepped on, I stopped laughing. I can't stand that guy.


(11:38) COMMERCIAL: LooseBear
A repeat from the Hugh Jackman episode.


(11:39) SKETCH: Brian Fellow's Safari Planet
- Man, I never like this sketch. It's a waste of Tracy Morgan's talents, and belongs at the end of the show, not at the beginning.


(11:46) SKETCH: Inside Barbie's Dreamhouse
- I was laughing right at the beginning. This had a really funny premise.
- Amy's performance was really good here, and Britney was alright.


(11:51) NEXT TIME: Jonny Moseley
Who is Jonny Moseley??? Supposedly he's an ice skater but I've never even heard of him since I don't watch ice skating. If so, why are they getting an ice skater to host the show? Besides, they already had a sports host this season, Derek Jeter, and the Rock is coming back again later this season as well.


(11:54) SKETCH: Jarret's Room
- YESSS!! I'm happy to see this again. Jarret's Room is now one of my favorite current recurring sketches.
- Not as good as the Hugh Jackman one, but still very funny.
- Jeff's parts in this sketch are always hilarious.
- In the dress rehearsal promo, they showed a clip of Horatio playing a six-pack of beer cans like a flute. I don't think it was never shown here.


(11:59) COMMERCIAL: Camp X-Ray
- Was this pre-recorded, because how did Horatio get changed from the Jarret's Room sketch to this one in so little time?
- Not much to say here, this wasn't even that funny.


(12:01) MISCELLANEOUS: A Message from Martha Stewart
- Always nice to see Ana's Martha Stewart impression. I'm surprised they took her out of the "Martha Stewart Living" element.


(12:06) MUSICAL GUEST: Britney Spears


(12:14) WEEKEND UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
- A little better than the last two Weekend Updates, which were lackluster.
- What happened to Jimmy's hair? It looked ridiculous.
- It was hilarious when Jimmy punched Tina during the White House Fight Club joke.
- Jimmy's Fear Factor joke was just stupid.
- When Tina announced Geraldo Rivera, I thought it would be Chris Kattan again, but I was surprised to see Darrell doing the impression.
- The Christina Aguilera joke was absolutely hilarious.
- I never cared about Jimmy's guitar songs when he did it before as an Update correspondent, and now it's really out of place now that he's an Update anchor.
- C'mon, Tina, why no Britney Spears jokes or mentions tonight?
- Ferrell's Neil Diamond impression is back again? Yes! And Gay Hitler, too! Alright!


(12:26) SKETCH: Astronaut Jones
- What THE HELL was the point of this?
- I'm telling you, Tracy Morgan cannot do characters. He is only funny when does impressions or when he plays himself.
Rating: 1/5


(12:32) SKETCH: Gemini's Twin
- Yep, I knew they'd do this tonight. I never cared for these characters at all.
- Britney reminded me of the character she played on the Morning Latte sketch the last time she hosted, she used the same voice and mannerisms.
- You can definitely start to see Ana's pregnancy now. I wonder if she'll have to leave the show soon, because there just aren't many pregnant roles you can play on the show.
- Well, there's Maya's sexy outfit again, the only thing I look forward to in each Gemini's Twin sketch.


(12:39) SKETCH: Channel 9 News
- Very funny sketch. The technical screen goof-ups were hilarious, and great performances by Ana and Ferrell.
- This sketch isn't too far removed to how Weekend Update was last season, especially the one from the Julia Stiles episode, if you know what I mean.


(12:44) FEBRUARY 23, 2002: Saturday Night Live Sports Extra
This will be cool to see.


(12:46) MUSICAL GUEST: Britney Spears


(12:52) SKETCH: The Leather Man
- A really weird sketch. I hope they don't make The Leather Man into a recurring character for Jimmy (and you know they will).
- Horatio's performance here was hysterical.
- Jimmy broke character yet again at Horatio's wild acting during this sketch.


(12:59) GOODBYES


OVERALL:  This show felt really forgettable. Hardly any real outstanding skits at all, and there were quite a lot of bad sketches. Britney Spears however did a much better job than last time, she actually played a variety of different characters this time instead of just herself. This episode could've done a better job of using Dan Aykroyd more, he didn't even do that much tonight. Overall Grade: 2/5


BEST SKETCH OF THE EPISODE: Channel 9 News; Jarret's Room
WORST SKETCH OF THE EPISODE: Brian Fellow's Safari Planet; Astronaut Jones; Gemini's Twin
BLOOPERS: Tina messed up a camera angle during Update; Jimmy cracked up at Horatio's yelling in the Leather Man sketch
SKETCHES THAT'LL PROBABLY BE CUT ON COMEDY CENTRAL: The Leather Man; Channel 9 News; Astronaut Jones; Camp X-Ray



RACHEL DRATCH: 2 sketches (Barbie's Dreamhouse, Gemini's Twin)
JIMMY FALLON: 3 sketches (Jarret's Room, Weekend Update, Leather Man)
WILL FERRELL: 5 sketches (Winter Olympics, Weekend Update, Gemini's Twin, Channel 9 News, Leather Man)
TINA FEY: 1 sketch
ANA GASTEYER: 5 sketches (LooseBear, Martha Stewart, Gemini's Twin, Channel 9 News, Leather Man)
DARRELL HAMMOND: 3 sketches (Winter Olympics, Camp X-Ray, Weekend Update)
CHRIS KATTAN: 4 sketches (Monologue, Barbie's Dreamhouse, Weekend Update, Gemini's Twin)
TRACY MORGAN: 2 sketches (Brian Fellow's, Astronaut)
AMY POEHLER: 4 sketches (Winter Olympics, LooseBear, Barbie's Dreamhouse, Channel 9 News)
MAYA RUDOLPH: 2 sketches (Winter Olympics, Gemini's Twin)
HORATIO SANZ: 4 sketches (Jarret's Room, Camp X-Ray, Channel 9 News, Leather Man)
DEAN EDWARDS: 1 sketch (Brian Fellow's)
SETH MEYERS: 3 sketches (Winter Olympics, Jarret's Room, Weekend Update)
JEFF RICHARDS: 2 sketch (LooseBear, Jarret's Room)

Star of the night was Ana Gasteyer.

This is going to be the last live episode for a while, because of the Winter Olympics. Because of that, and since this season's about half-way over, I figure this would be a good time to make my list of

THE BEST/WORST OF 2001-2002 so far:

Hugh Jackman/Mick Jagger (12/8/01); Jack Black/The Strokes (1/19/02); Seann William Scott/Sum41 (10/6/01); John Goodman/JaRule (11/3/01)

Drew Barrymore/Macy Gray (10/13/01); Billy Bob Thornton/Creed (11/17/01); Britney Spears (2/2/02); Derek Jeter/Bubba Sparxxx/Shakira (12/1/01)

Dale McGrew Gets Patriotic (10/6/01); New Happy Birthday Song (1/19/02); The Girl with No Gaydar (11/3/01); The Robert Goulet All-Holiday Special (12/8/01); The Christmas Kangaroo (12/8/01); CBS Anthrax Update with Dan Rather (11/3/01); Jarret's Room (12/8/01); Christmas Time is Here song (12/1/01 and 12/15/01)

The Big Baby Mix-Up (9/29/01); Station WUUB Edits King Kong (10/13/01); Derek Jeter's Taco Hole (12/1/01); Action Talk Show (10/13/01); Fenced-In Area (11/17/01); Hello Dolly (12/8/01); Astronaut Jones (2/2/02); Wake Up Wakefield (9/29/01 and 1/12/02)

Jack Black; Hugh Jackman; Seann William Scott; Ellen DeGeneres

Derek Jeter; Josh Hartnett; Billy Bob Thornton

10/13/01; 12/15/01; 10/6/01

1/19/02; 11/17/01


Best Performances: The Girl with No Gaydar (11/3/01); Law & Order ­ Parking Violations Unit (10/6/01); Weekend Update - Harry Potter commentary (11/17/01)
Worst Performances: Lesbian Singers (10/13/01); Superman Contacts His Parents (12/8/01); ); Wake-Up Wakefield (9/29/01 and 1/12/02)
Best Showcased Episode: Billy Bob Thornton/Creed

Best Performances: Mick & Mick (12/8/01); Iglesias Bros. (12/1/01Tales of Valour (1/19/02); All the Christmas Time is Here songs
Worst Performances: The Luvahs (10/13/01); Josh Hartnett's Monologue (1/12/02); Weekend Update ­ Guitar Songs (2/2/02)
Best Showcased Episode: Derek Jeter/Bubba Sparxxx/Shakira

Best Performances: Dale McGrew Gets Patriotic (10/6/01); Christmas Kangaroo (12/8/01); Dissing Your Dog (12/1/01); Inside the Actor's Studio (11/17/01); The Robert Goulet All-Holiday Special (12/8/01); Dubya Addresses the Nation (10/6/01)
Worst Performances: First Liberty Savings Bank (10/13/01); The Big Baby Mix Up (9/29/01); Lesbian Singers (10/13/01)
Best Showcased Episode: Ellen DeGeneres/No Doubt

Best Performances: Weekend Update - 12/15/01; Enron rant (1/19/01); Weekend Update - Pizza Party Against Terrorism (11/10/01)
Worst Performances: Weekend Update - Visceral Editorial (10/6/01)
Best Showcased Episode: N/A, because she wasn't a star in any of the episodes, she's barely even in anything non-Weekend Update related

Best Performances: Lifetime Movie (1/12/02); Emmy Awards Pre-Show (10/6/01); Martha Stewart Living (11/17/01); Channel 9 News (2/2/02)
Worst Performances: The Attebury's (11/10/01); Hello Dolly (12/8/01); Lesbian Singers (10/13/01)
Best Showcased Episode: Britney Spears (2/2/02)


Best Performances: CBS Anthrax Update with Dan Rather (11/3/01); Gore Interrupts Bush's Meeting (12/8/01); Weekend Update ­ Jesse Jackson commentary (9/29/01); Dick Cheney Address (10/13/01); Tales of Valour (1/19/02)
Worst Performances: Station WUUB Edits King Kong (10/13/01); The How Do You Say, Ah Yes! Show (10/6/01); Donald Rumsfeld Press Briefing (11/17/01)
Best Showcased Episode: Jack Black/The Strokes

Best Performances: Weekend Update ­ Gay Hitler (10/13/01); The Masseuse (12/1/01); Weekend Update ­ Terrible Re-Enactment (12/8/01); Christmas Time is Here song (12/1/01 and 12/15/01); America Undercover Rednecks (11/3/01 and 1/19/01)
Worst Performances: Action Talk Show (10/13/01); The How Do You Say, Ah Yes! Show (10/6/01); Weekend Update ­ Amelie (1/19/01); All Mango sketches
Best Showcased Episode: John Goodman/JaRule

Best Performances: Weekend Update commentary (10/6/01; 12/15/01; 1/12/01); Approval Center (10/6/01); Tales of Valour (1/19/01); Christmas Time is Here song (12/1/01 and 12/15/01)
Worst Performances: Shout Out Show (1/12/01); Brian Fellow's Safari Planet (11/17/01 and 2/2/02); Astronaut Jones (2/2/02)
Best Showcased Episode: Josh Hartnett/Pink

Best Performances: Date with a Porn Star (10/6/01); EPT Pregnancy Test (11/3/01); Dysfunctional Family Dinner (11/11/01); LooseBear (12/8/01); America Undercover Rednecks (11/3/01 and 1/19/01)
Worst Performances: Playboy Channel Presents ­ Burqa Baddies (1/12/02)
Best Showcased Episode: Seann William Scott/Sum 41

Best Performances: Donatella Versace (9/29/01 and 12/8/01); Fiesta Politica (11/10/01); Gwyneth Paltrow's Monologue (11/11/01)
Worst Performances: Jeffrey's (10/6/01); Lesbian Singers (10/13/01); Wake-Up Wakefield (9/29/01 and 1/12/02)
Best Showcased Episode: Gwyneth Paltrow/Ryan Adams

Best Performances: Jarrett's Room (10/6/01, 12/8/01, and 2/2/02); Christmas Time is Here song (12/1/01 and 12/15/01); The Leather Man (2/2/02); Weekend Update ­ Henley & Stiles (1/12/01)
Worst Performances: Jeffrey's (10/6/01)
Best Showcased Episode: Seann William Scott/Sum 41

Best Performances: Celebrity Jeopardy (9/29/01)
Worst Performances: Star Wars (1/12/01); Brian Fellow's Safari Planet (2/2/02)
Best Showcased Episode: Reese Witherspoon/Alicia Keys (9/29/01)

Best Performances: Foreign Photographers (12/8/01); The Stepmom (12/15/01); Weekend Update ­ Boston Red Sox commentary (11/3/01); EPT Pregnancy Test (11/3/01); Weekend Update ­ Point/Counterpoint with Derek Jeter (12/1/01)
Worst Performances: Action Talk Show (10/13/01)
Best Showcased Episode: John Goodman/JaRule

Best Performances: Weekend Update - Drunk Girl (12/8/01); Jarret's Room (12/8/01); Now That's What Actors Call Singing (1/19/01)
Worst Performances: Nick Burns (11/17/01)
Best Showcased Episode: Hugh Jackman/Mick Jagger

Whew! Well, that's enough outta me. Until next time, I'm outta heah...