Drew Barrymore / Kelis
February 14, 2004

(COLD OPENING) Al Gore tries to endorse John Kerry


-- Darrell's Gore impression.

-- Seth's John Kerry smile.

-- Darrell's delivery of the "I've decided to support you" line.

-- Gore yelling and then suddenly going back to his real voice.

-- Seth's "crackle crackle" bit over the phone.



-- None.


Grade: B+




(MONOLOGUE) Drew Barrymore is joined by her old co-stars


-- Forte as E.T.

-- Rachel as the midget lady.



-- None.


Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- Who was that as Darth Vader? It was hard to tell since you couldn't see the person's face and he disguised his voice well. Darrell's the only castmember I can think of who the voice sounded like, and even that's kinda a stretch.


Grade: B




(SKETCH) "A Very Special Valentine's Versace"


-- Drew as Courtney Love.



-- The usual tired Versace stuff.


Grade: D-




(SKETCH) "Jarret's Room"


-- It's actually refreshing to see this sketch again after a long hiatus.

-- Seth's character trying to perform Hey Ya.

-- The picture of Horatio as Gobi's sister.

-- The Ronald McDonald/clown shoe bit.



-- Most of the dream sequence fell flat, except for the end.


Grade: B




(NEXT WEEK) February 21, 2004: Christina Aguilera

-- Damn. Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I can see her either turning out to be surprisingly funny like Justin Timberlake or overacting her way through the episode like Jessica Simpson. This season is having an unusual amount of singers and other non-actors (Roddick and Sharpton) as hosts so far.




(SKETCH) "Access Hollywood"


-- The film clips were hilarious, especially the axe-face and pig-face ones.



-- Most of the Pat O'Brien nose jokes fell flat.

-- The Topher Grace reference at the end.


Grade: B-






-- A good "Fast and the Furious" parody.

-- The cheap special effects.



-- None.


Grade: B





-- No comment.




(WEEKEND UPDATE) Fallon & Fey, Diana Ross


-- Tina's Marcie/Peppermint Patty joke.

-- Jimmy's John Kerry/Clinton joke.

-- Jimmy's Phillies mascot joke.

-- Tina's Carnivale joke.

-- The middle aged women bit.

-- Jimmy's toilet paper/gun joke.

-- Finesse's facial expressions as Maya's bunkmate.



-- Tina's Bush joke.

-- Most of the Diana Ross segment.


Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- This Update was unusually short. At least almost all of the jokes were good, but they could've used a better correspondent segment.


Grade: A-




(SKETCH) Kerry, Bush, and Clinton at the bar in the 60's


-- Forte as George W. Bush. I didn't think much of his impression at first, but I liked it more and more as the sketch went on. I was just surprised that he was now playing Bush, but maybe he played him since Darrell had to play Clinton here. However, Forte's Bush voice is much better and accurate than Darrell's (I can't say much about the look, since obviously, Forte was playing a younger version of him) and Forte's version of Bush in general was just a lot funnier. Hopefully this means that he will now be playing present-day Bush. We need a good Bush impressionist and this could help boost Forte's popularity and airtime.

-- Darrell as Clinton.

-- Several good lines.



-- Is it just me, or did Darrell's Clinton voice seem a little off at the beginning?


Grade: A-




(SKETCH) "Larry King Live"


-- Jimmy's Larry King impression was pretty good.

-- Jimmy's huge shoulders.

-- Many of Drew's comments as Anna Nicole Smith.

-- Jimmy frantically ending the show when Drew starting talking about her "biscuit".



-- None.


Grade: B+




(SKETCH) "Spy Glass"


-- Seth's delivery of some of his lines had me laughing.



-- So this is now recurring? Blah. I don't care for the intentionally bad puns and having the British version of Pat O'Brien is pointless. Drew's segment also added nothing funny here. They should've at least brought back Rachel's trash lady character since she was the only funny thing in the last Spy Glass sketch.


Grade: D




(MISCELLANEOUS) "The World of Scott Wainio"


-- Well, at least SNL is trying something a little new and different these days.



-- Too bad they also couldn't have tried something funny. This was just plain bizarre and not funny, and if I didn't know that Scott Wainio was one of the writers, I would swear this film was taken from a lame show like Leno or something. I hope they don't make this recurring; is this going to be the new-age "Rocket Report"?


Grade: F+




(SKETCH) The White Stripes: Super Heroes


-- None.



-- What the hell was the point to this? This seemed like it was going to have an interesting premise, but then the sketch just suddenly ended out of nowhere.


Grade: F





-- No comment.




(SKETCH) "Prince Show"


-- Good idea for a talk show sketch and Fred's Prince impression was hilarious.

-- Kenan's facial reaction to Fred putting on the mask.



-- A few weak parts and the ending could've been funnier.


Grade: B




Overall Episode Grade: B-


Overall Highlights:

-- Forte as E.T. and Rachel as midget lady in the monologue.

-- The film clips in Access Hollywood.

-- Weekend Update.

-- Kerry, Bush, and Clinton at the bar in the 60's.

-- Larry King Live.

-- Fred's Prince impression.


Overall Lowlights:

-- A Very Special Valentine's Versace.

-- The Diana Ross segment on Weekend Update.

-- Spy Glass.

-- The World of Scott Wainio.

-- The White Stripes: Super Heroes.


Funniest Single Moment:

-- The axe-face and pig-face movie clips on Access Hollywood.


Best Lines:

-- Drew Barrymore: "What are you doing here? I thought you went home."

Will Forte as E.T.: "I came back to do a spot on I Love the 80's on VH1."


-- Drew Barrymore: "I wish all of you were my Valentine."

Will Forte as E.T.: "Not me. E.T. holding out for Kelis. I like milkshakes!"


-- Jimmy Fallon as Pat O'Brien: "Wow, I smell Oscar... I'm just kidding; I haven't smelled anything since I was 15.


-- Announcer: "Octane. Own the DVD before the movie."


-- Tina Fey: "Cartoon character Cathy finally got engaged to her boyfriend in today's Valentine edition of her strip. Meanwhile, Marcie and Peppermint Patty are moving to Massachusetts."


-- Jimmy Fallon: "An internet rumor claims that John Kerry had an affair with a young woman. When asked if this was similar to the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, a spokesman said 'Close, but no cigar'."


-- Tina Fey: "A U.S. born panda named Hua Mei will soon be returned to her ancestral homeland of China, where she is expected to be delicious."


-- Tina Fey: "Because of friction between the U.S. and Brazil, it was announced that a float at this year's Carnivale will be a 12-foot sculpture of Uncle Sam with his pants down and his genitals in plain sight -- or as Bill Clinton calls it: business casual."


-- Jimmy Fallon: "Michael McGuire, a prisoner in Nebraska, escaped from a hospital by using a fake gun he had made out of toilet paper. The plan turned tragic, however, when he used a real gun to wipe himself."


-- Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton: "Now I got a new plan: go to Europe, smoke a bunch of weed, and see if I can snag me one of those Benny Hill's girls -- I love that show."

Will Forte as George W. Bush: "Really? I gave it a try; I couldn't follow it. I don't like humor you have to think about too much, you know?"


-- Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton: "(to John Kerry about Hillary Rodham) Hey, G.I. Joe, why don't you do us all a favor and jump on that grenade?"


-- Jimmy Fallon as Larry King: "Welcome back to Larry King Live. If you're just joining me, yes, these are my real shoulders."


-- Jimmy Fallon as Larry King: "How did you first start using TrimSpa? How did you discover it?"

Drew Barrymore as Anna Nicole Smith: "By accident, really. I was taking a whole bunch of pills and somehow, a TrimSpa got in there."





DRATCH: 1 sketch (1: Drew Barrymore is joined by her old co-stars)


FALLON: 6 sketches (1: Jarret's Room; 2: Access Hollywood; 3: Weekend Update; 4: Larry King Live; 5: Spy Glass; 6: The White Stripes: Super Heroes)


FEY: 1 sketch (1: Weekend Update)


FORTE: 2 sketches (1: Drew Barrymore is joined by her old co-stars; 2: Kerry, Bush, and Clinton at the bar in the 60's)


HAMMOND: 3 sketches (1: Al Gore tries to endorse John Kerry; 2: Drew Barrymore is joined by her old co-stars [?]; 3: Kerry, Bush, and Clinton at the bar in the 60's)


MEYERS: 6 sketches (1: Al Gore tries to endorse John Kerry; 2: Drew Barrymore is joined by her old co-stars; 3: Jarret's Room; 4: Octane; 5: Kerry, Bush, and Clinton at the bar in the 60's; 6: Spy Glass)


PARNELL: 3 sketches (1: Octane; 2: Kerry, Bush, and Clinton at the bar in the 60's; 3: The White Stripes: Super Heroes)


POEHLER: 3 sketches (1: Al Gore tries to endorse John Kerry; 2: A Very Special Valentine's Versace; 3: Spy Glass)


RUDOLPH: 4 sketches (1: A Very Special Valentine's Versace; 2: Octane; 3: Weekend Update; 4: Prince Show)


SANZ: 2 sketches (1: A Very Special Valentine's Versace; 2: Jarret's Room)


ARMISEN: 1 sketch (1: Prince Show)


MITCHELL: 2 sketches (1: Octane; 2: Weekend Update)


THOMPSON: 3 sketches (1: Octane; 2: The White Stripes: Super Heroes; 3: Prince Show)


Jimmy, Seth, and Maya were the stars of the night.